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Math exam help terms and conditions

This website uses terms and conditions to describe our engagement with our clients. The terms and conditions provided in this website contain rules that clients are expected to follow while seeking our services or using the website in general. The math exam help rules are general and only made to improve our service delivery. Before using our services, ensure that you are ready and understand the terms and conditions because they apply in all the decision-making in this platform.

Terms and Conditions

We use terms and conditions to define clients' rules during service delivery. Mathexamhelp.com advises all its clients and website visitors to read and understand these terms and conditions. It is important to note that they will apply in every task on this website. We encourage you to read and understand all the terms and conditions provided here. If there is a section of these terms and conditions that you do not understand, ensure that you contact our customer care for an explanation. If you disagree with the provisions of the terms and conditions provided in this section, please do not use this service because these terms and conditions govern all our services.


All the contents found on this website belong to mathexamhelp.com. We do not allow the copying, modifying, sharing, publishing, or distributing of the information you get here without permission from our management. The permission to use the materials found here must be in writing. We urgent every user of this website to respect all the intellectual property found in this website. Should we find you misusing the information found here, we will apply the law, and you will be liable for any damages caused. Note that you can visit this website the number of times you want without any limits, and therefore you can read the information provided here as many times as you want.

Termination of a contract

Our contract with you becomes active immediately after hiring us to do your math exam. Either party can terminate a contract if a breach of contract or other factors lead to the termination. We can terminate a contract with you for various reasons on our side. If we notice that you are sharing your account with another person, we can suspend it and even block it. We only allow one person one account. We can also cancel our contract with you if we notice that the money you are using to seek our service is proceeds of crime or money laundering. Additionally, if we notice that you are using someone else's credit or debit card without their authority, we will also cancel our contract with you. In case of the reasons mentioned above or any other, you will be held accountable for the losses that will arise.

You can also cancel a contract with us for different factors. If you cancel a contract for a service that is ongoing, you will be notified whether you qualify for a refund or not. Please read our refund policy to see circumstances when you qualify for a refund and when you do not qualify.

Pricing and payment

We only have one center of command. That means that all our math exam help services are provided on this website. This enables us to track all orders accordingly. We only allow payments to be made through our official payment methods on the pricing. We charge for our services based on complexity, urgency, and quantity. Note that some payments methods attract transfer fees when making a payment. We will not be held accountable for the transfer fees, and it will not count as part of the payment for the service. If you need a refund for a payment already completed, we will follow our refund process, which is highlighted in the refund policy. Note that we have different dispute resolution methods that will apply in case of any dispute.

Limitation of liability

According to you, the information provided on this website is based on what we term as correct, which may not be accurate. Therefore, we will not be held accountable for any information collected from this website. We also expect that all our clients will keep us free from claims. As stated above, the information provided on this website is for service delivery, and we provide the information we can term as accurate based on our standards.

Changing this the terms and conditions

The terms and conditions found on this website are subject to change. Note that we can change, modify, replace or even remove without notifying you. We always urge all our clients to ensure that they visit this section from time to time to ensure that they are familiar with any changes that may have been put in place. If you disagree which the changes are done at any particular time, you can stop using the service because the terms will apply. As stated above, if there is any section of the terms and conditions that you do not understand, you can always contact us for clarification. Note that any changes in our terms and conditions are done to ensure better service delivery. We are in a volatile sector, and therefore we must change with the changing times.

Confidentiality of information

All the information you provide to us, we will treat that information as confidential information. We will not share such information with a third party. Please go through our privacy policy and see how we treat your personal information. Note that we only collect general information from you. Personal details such as pins and passwords will never be asked for. However, your reviews and articles will not be treated as confidential information and will be visible on the website.

Dispute resolution

We offer our services in good faith to our clients. We, therefore, encourage you that if there is any dispute, we first go through mediation. We have a dispute resolution department that is always willing to listen to our clients. Where mediation fails to apply, the law applies. The law governs this website, and therefore the Indian law will apply.