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Mathexamhelp.com refund policy

We have an operation refund policy you can use should you need a refund from us. This refund policy describes the times you can seek a refund policy from us. We also explain the different events that can lead you to seek a refund from us. This policy is meant to guide all our clients in case of a disagreement. Please read this policy and understand it fully before proceeding.

Our refund policy

Mathexamhelp.com is a reliable platform that ensures students have access to the best exam help. We have a fully functional refund policy which you can use that you can use. This refund policy increases the trust that we have with our clients. Different factors can lead a client to seek a refund. If, in any case, we are not able to complete your exam as required, we will always inform you and initiate a refund. To seek a refund from us, you must prove that you had paid us for a service. If you manage to prove to us that you qualify for a refund, we will initiate the refund process immediately. Note that the money will be sent to the same account used to pay us.

Circumstances when a client qualifies for a refund

Many circumstances will ensure that you qualify for a refund. Some of them include;

When you make two payments. If you make two payments, you qualify for a refund. However, if you have another task that you would want us to handle, you can use that extra payment. However, should you need us to refund, we will start the refund process immediately.

If we do not have an expert to work on the exam you have paid for, we will refund you immediately. However, it's hard for us not to have someone to do your exam because we have many experts dealing with our clients' orders.

If you cancel an order before it is assigned to an expert, you qualify for a refund. It's important to note that you will not be eligible for a refund if an expert has assigned an exam. This is because we pay our exam doers before the work is started.

Cancellation of an order

An order can either be canceled by you or by us. We can cancel an order if we notice that you are involved in illegalities such as money laundering. In such cases, we will not accept your payment. You should know that the law will take its cause in such a case. Cancellation can also come from you. You can cancel if there is a breach of contract or no longer require the order. If the cancellation is from you, we will notify you if you qualify for a refund.